Celiac Disease

Dietary Tips

  •  Eat a meal that does not contain wheat, rye, barley and their products.
  •  Don’t indulge in gluten containing diets even occasionally.
  •  Gluten restriction is for lifelong.
  •  Be sensitive to unintentional gluten ingestion. Be careful while eating meals outside.
  •  Always read the label of commercial food products before purchasing.
  •  While visiting relatives/ friends, inform them well in advance about your’s or your child’s intolerance to gluten

Foods to be avoided strictly

  •  Cereals : Atta, Maida,Sooji, Rye, Barely, Dalia.
  •  Processed Cereals: Noodles, pastas, bread, bread rolls,pizzas, wheatflakes, Breadcrumbs, Soupsticks, Semiyan, Dalia, Double Roti, Rusk, Cake Etc
  •  Snacks:Patty, Burger, Kulcha, Nan, Upma, Crackers, Biscuits, Cutlets and other wheat Products
  •  Cooked cereals: Roti, parantha, poories, dalia, halwa etc.
  •  Beverages: Barely water, hot chocolate, complan. horlicks, boost , bourvita, soups made of soup cubes or soup powder etc.
  •  Desserts: Cakes, pasteries, pies, ice cream, laddu with atta, eclairs, chocolates, Milk cakes, Jalebi etc.
  •  Tinned & Canned Foods: Vegetable sauces, instant curry mixes, baked beans.
  •  Processed Meats:Sausages, hams, seek kabab, tikka etc.


Food which can be taken

  •  Cereals: Rice, Makki(Bhutta), Makki ka atta, Tapioca, sago, bajra, jawar, sighara ka atta, arrowroot.
  •  Pulses: All dals, besan, channa, besan papad, soyabean, rajmah etc.
  •  Processed Cereals: Chirwa, murmura, rice flakes, cornflakes, puffed rice, pop corn, rice noodles, rice papad, sago papad etc.
  •  Snacks: Idlis, dosa, vadas, rice murukku, arrowroot, halwa, aloo cutlets, roasted corn, roasted etc.
  •  Cooked cereals:Boiled rice, pulao, curd rice, makki ki roti, bajra, jawar roti, Besan ki chapati etc.
  •  Desserts: Freshly prepared rice kheer, Sago kheer, Fresh paneer, Caramel Custard, Carrot halwa, Sliced fruits with sugar, Honey.
  •  Beverages: Fresh juices, tea, coffee, fresh milk, fresh curd, lassi, soda, fresh soup with / without cornstrach
  •  Eat freshly cooked vegetables, fresh fruits, any kind of fats and oils, whole/ ground spices and condiments.
  •  Freshly cooked meat, fish, chicken, eggs etc.

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